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“Pheromax Made Me A Girl Magnet”

I am below average person and I would say as I am smaller than the guys in my regular group, and way too skinny. I was teased being the smallest among the pack while I was growing up and this made me insecure of my looks and personality, so instead of going out on weekends I would rather stay home and read books or read some articles on the web. Many would say that I am a nerd, but my friends would always invite me out to enjoy the bars, night life and party but I usually find a lot of excusenot to join them.

Finally, I was able to encounter Pheromax review and find it very promising and it seemed that it was just the product that I needed, so without a second thought I purchased for myself and am so excited for the item to arrive. After a few days, I got a package addressed to me and I am pretty sure what is it and I think it is working as I was already feeling very confidence even before I opened the package. So on the weekend when my friends invited me for a night out, I immediately said yes and they all are so happy as I was very excited to try and see if it would have an effect. Well then, the day or rather the night came and off I go with my friends to the bar. They are the typical attractive type but I stand out as the only nerdy type among the group but I could feel a strong attraction, even the waitress was licking her lips when she got my order and makes it a point that she touches me when handing me my drink. And I really had a blast last night as I was the talk among the group in the club and the girls was really dying to meet me.

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