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School Starts at Home

I am one of the teachers with the same problem with my students who are not too particular with their time in school and also with their attendance. I always warned them that the attendance is very important not only just passing their quizzes and exams, but then I guess these kids are usually not there when I made these announcements. It has been a fact that the ones with the complete attendance and are always present in all school activities are the ones doing really good in class and with the excellent grades.

Finally, the school have decided to have School bus tracking system and all of the teachers were so excited with it, and have been announcing it to all and have been sending letters to the parents and guardians so that everyone would be aware that the school is finally having an upgrade. We got good responses with the parents as they are also excited with what they hear, as they could finally keep track also with their kids as most are aware of their kids problem in school, as for me, I keep the parents of my students informed of their attendance as I believe that we need to work hand in hand with the parents.

As I really appreciate parent who takes time and effort to visit me in school and have a one on one meeting regarding the progress of their kids and how do we go about in some of the problems that the students would have. But then, there are some parents who just do not really care about their kids and does not even respond to my parent notices as it saddens me much, that must be the reason why their children does not want to do good in school as they felt that they are neglected at home.

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