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“Shakeology Shake Helps Balance My Life”

As an endurance athlete for more than a decade now and have been doing this ultra distance for the fifth year now which I enjoyed so much. This ultra distance needs serious commitment on trainings and recovery as well and time is always essential so as nutrition.

This has been my routine when I started to get serious with the sport and I would say that I lost some old friends along the way since my lifestyle have changed, and I do not hang out anymore with them in the bars as I go to bed early for my training the next day, and have not puffed a cigarette for years now. Most of the time you would see me on the road, running or having some water break in a convenient store or in the supermarket getting my supplies. Click here to know more about pureshakeingredientsreviews.

I personally get my supplies as I am very particular with what I eat and take into my body, and this shakeology shake helped a lot as it makes my life easier specially coming from my long workout as I am dead tired and I would just gulp up this shake and a refreshing shower and I am ready to go to office and work or tuck into my couch on a weekend to recover over some interesting movie on TV. After which I would prepare myself a sumptuous meal of some salad greens, a good serving of quality steak and some potato and carrots on the side with butter and chives.

When I did a good workout, I would reward myself with some ice cream which I love so much and I could not keep that off me. But aside from my work and training, I also a lot time for my family where we go watch some movies, or dine out, and have a stroll in the park or at time we go to some resort over the weekend and enjoy their facilities there.

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