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About Wireline Logging

Among the analytic and measurement methods applied in essential oil wells for formation evaluation will be the method named Wireline Recording. With wireline logging, continuous recording of data throughout the whole process of oil growth may be done.

Diverse formation qualities may be documented like power induced, resistivity and natural radioactivity, hydrogen content, elastic bulk and module density. These information will then be interpreted to attain continuous record of measurements in relations for the depth measurements.

WIRELINE LOGGING Course of action

To acquire measurement records from deep oil wells, few measures or stages has to be completed:

•Logging cables with sensory tools in the edge will likely be lowered in the depths of the effectively..

•the sensory tool might be suspended down the hole of your effectively and its signals will probably be treated by the down-hole electronics.

•The handle panel will acquire information transmitted through signals in the properly and recording of information will then be applied.

•A depth measuring device can also be used for recording data. It could be activated by the up and down movement of the cable and signal transmission are also employed.

•Well Logs would be the completed records of information and a number of copies of it will be created. These copies of Properly Logs are utilized for evaluation, thus situation within the properly is often simply identified.

Firms just need to come across a reliable well logging or Wireline logging services for their wells. These corporations might help in such method to acquire higher quality nicely results and logs. Getting services from unreliable corporations can leave some complications unidentified, thus the whole effectively operations could be impacted badly.

To possess a reliable Wireline logging service, you could pay a visit to and browse by means of higher high-quality services they are able to supply. Different procedures might be employed by Prestige Wireline to gather sufficient information and supply you excellent effectively logs.

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